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Little About My Skills

Hello friends, my name is Sagar Jaybhay.

I am having more than 7 yr’s of experience in the software industry, I am full stack developer means what I am working in mainly 3 sections Front end, back end and database.

I am not good at designing and CSS. From last 3 yr’s working on AI, machine learning and data Science project.

  1. Front End Technologies:- Html, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular, React
  2. Back End Technologies:- C#,, MVC, Web API, Java, Python
  3. Databases: - SqlServer, MySql, SQLite
  4. Graph DataBase: - Neo4J, OrientDB
  5. Automation Testing:-Selenium with C#
  6. Machine learning
  7. AI

My Skills

Scripting Language


Object Oriented Language




AI Á Machine Learning


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